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Tower Site Identification & Inquiry Submission


Application Submission


Application Fee Processing, Review & Approval


Structural Analysis Order & Construction Drawings Approval


Draft & Execute Lease Agreement


Notice to Proceed & Construction


Please download the application and submit it to for our team to review and approve.

STEP 1 Tower Site Identification & Inquiry Submission

Navigate to our Tower Locator site to explore available UScellular towers. Submit an inquiry to confirm the availability of the site(s) and receive more information.

  • We can provide a Purchase Order Request (POR) ahead of application submission. Please reach out to towersapp@uscellular.com to receive it. Then, submit your POR and application together to reduce processing time.
STEP 2 Application Submission

After you confirm the tower is available and meets your specifications, download the colocation application and submit it to towersapp@uscellular.com for our team to review and approve.

  • We can provide a Purchase Order Request (POR) ahead of application submission. Email towersapp@uscellular.com to request one.

  • Submit your POR and application together to reduce processing time.
  • When filling out your application, be as detailed as possible in the Scope of Work section to reduce delays.
Existing Tenants

Remember to include your Passing Mount Analysis or Mount Mod with your application.

Step 3 Application Fee Processing, Review & Approval

After you submit your application, we will assign a Colocation Specialist to you. They will email you within two business days of your application submission. They will guide you through every step: confirming RAD center availability, submitting Construction Drawings (CDs) for applicant’s ground space approval, and provide all preliminary rent calculations and due diligence documents to you.

Application Fee

We will notify you of the application fee or Purchase Order Request (POR) required to process your application.

  • Please include your project ID in your PO or check so our finance team can quickly apply your payment to your project.
Application Review & Approval

Once the payment or PO is received, you will receive an Application Evaluation Letter and Due Diligence Package to confirm the height and ground space can be met. We will also provide preliminary rent calculations and any other essential due-diligence documents.

  • Ensure all subleasing requirements are highlighted and initiated at this time.
  • Submit your construction drawings (CDs) during this time so we can review and approve them without additional processing time.
New Tenants
  • We will provide a ground snip of the last leased tenant to ensure no overlapping ground space requirements are submitted.
  • Your Colocation Specialist will also start an Entry & Testing Agreement to allow you to schedule site visits if necessary.
  • Upon approval, your Colocation Specialist will ensure the application is finalized before initiating the Structural Analysis order.
step 4 Structural Analysis order & Construction Drawings Approval

Once we receive your Purchase Order (PO), your Colocation Specialist will submit a Structural Analysis (SA) Order. We cannot order an SA until we receive your PO and have an approved application agreed upon by both parties. The SA process can take up to three weeks and will assess your proposed equipment's impact on the tower's overall capacity.

To avoid rerun fees, it is crucial to finalize all changes – from rent adjustments to load modifications – before the Structural Ordering.

Existing Tenants

Please provide a recent Mount Analysis before ordering the Structural Analysis. Afterward, your Construction Drawings (CDs) must be approved by the UScellular Access Operations team.

step 5 Draft & Execute Lease agreement

Upon completion of Structural or Modification Design, your Colocation Specialist will deliver a draft of the Lease Agreement within 5 business days. You can review and make any necessary redlines at this stage.

Upon your final approval, we’ll issue the executable document and then route through DocuSign.

  • We will provide a DocuSign Routing Form to confirm your ability to sign. Please return before we issue executables to avoid routing delays.
  • Since executables expire, please ensure all parties are ready to review and sign them. Requesting them prematurely, and allowing them to expire, may result in fees.
step 6 Tenant Receives NTP, Construction Begins, & Close Out Tenant Receives NTP

Once the tenant (you) and UScellullar sign the lease agreement, a request goes to our construction team to review the supporting documents. The Notice to Proceed (NTP) request should be made within 45 days of full execution of the agreement. We will issue your NTP in 2 business days which allows your equipment to be installed on our towers.

  • Applicants will receive the necessary requirements in order to be issued NTP.
  • A General Contractor must be listed as the insured party in the Certificate of Insurance (COI).
  • The General Contractor performing the work must be the recipient of the NATE certificate.
  • List the UScellular legal entity stated in the agreement as the certificate holder in the COI.
  • Provide your Tenant Construction Contact who is responsible for the closeout package with their NTP information.
  • Your Colocation Specialist will provide you with the necessary items and any outstanding fees in order for us to provide the NTP.
Construction Begins

Constructions must begin within 45 days of NTP issuance, unless otherwise approved.

24 hours prior to construction, please contact the UScellular Network Operations Center (NOC) and fill out our check-in document.

Your Colocation Specialist will remain your point of contact to track construction progress and completion.

Within 2 weeks of completion, submit the closeout documentation, including As-Built Documentation, to towersconstruction@uscellular.com.

  • Since we cannot accept links to files, please submit your closeout packages in a zip file under 10MB.
Applying For Asset Sharing?

In the colocation application, select whether you’re interested in shelter, power or generator sharing.
Email the application to towersapp@uscellular.com and we will provide the next steps to start Asset Sharing.


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Application Support

For assistance on a new application, please contact . For questions about an existing application, please reach out to your Colocation Specialist.